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Incorporated in 1975, Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver has for mandate, as is stipulated in the articles that form part of its statutes and bylaws to:

  • Organize shows in French and exhibitions of the work of Francophone and Francophile artists to cultivate an appreciation for the arts among the Vancouverites.

  • Promote education by offering French-language educational services and programs to residents of the Vancouver metropolitan area (library, video library, language courses, summer camps, etc.).

  • Promote public participation in Le Centre's activities.

  • Acquire and manage the property required for Le Centre's activities.


In this way, Le Centre presents professional caliber events and shows, offering the citizens of Vancouver access to artistic productions in French or visual, media and performing arts from the francophone culture. In addition, Le Centre offers an array of educational services to anyone who is interested in the activities of Le Centre, whether or not they speak French.


All services, programs or activities of Le Centre must support the objectives of Le Centre, directly or indirectly, either by their content or in their mode of distribution.

A bit of history!

1975 : Creation of Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver.


1990 : First annual Festival d'été francophone de Vancouver.

1995 : First annual Coup de coeur francophone de Vancouver.


1995 : First Concert Nouvelle Scène.


2009 : First Vancouver's annual Francophone comedy event.

2024 : 35th édition of the Francophone Summer Festival

2025 : 50 years of Le Centre

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