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One of the largest collections of French language books in British Columbia!

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Would you like to discover the literary classics of Quebec, France and other francophone parts of the world? Would you like to improve your French by reading? Are you looking for children’s books in French? Would you like to watch French-language films? Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver may be what you are looking for. Since it first opened, Le Centre has been regularly adding new books to its collection.


To date, we have some 8,000 books in French on our shelves. These books appeal to a wide range of tastes and interests. Whether you want to read about investigations, fiction, literary classics, or educational books, you will find something that suits you.


Here are all our categories: Literature · Historic novels · Art books · Animation and comic books · Documentaries · Short story collections and poetry · Autobiography and biography · Philosophy · Psychology · Humour · Science fiction · Crime fiction · Essays · Theatre.

Student selection

To facilitate learning the French language, we have set up a classification system for books corresponding to different levels, so that members who want to improve their French can select books that match their level and they can make progress while enjoying their reading.

When you come to Le Centre Culturel, you can easily identify this “student selection” by the coloured stickers on the books to indicate different levels of difficulty: blue for level 1, green for levels 2 and 3, yellow for level 4, red for level 5. We have considered several criteria in setting the level of the books, including the number of pages, the font, the number of illustrations, the vocabulary used, etc.

Books for children

One whole room of our library is dedicated to children and youth. In this section, you will find books classified by age: for babies (under the age of 2), for children (2 to 7 years old), for pre-teens (8 to 12 years old) and adolescents (12 years and up).

In the youth section, you will find numerous collections, large format books, and classics of youth literature translated into French, such as Harry-Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc.


We also have a hundred new books dealing with themes engaged with contemporary issues. If you need help broaching sensitive topics with your children, these books can give you some help! Whether it is about mental health, climate change, homosexuality or parents separating, we are there for you.



Are you desperately trying to buy books in French in Vancouver and not having any luck? We have just what you need! One hundred of our books are for sale right here at Le Centre Culturel. Operating on the principle of "Name your price", buyers choose the amount they wish to pay for the selected books. All profits from these sales are used to purchase new books for the children's library. Our collection covers many themes to which we regularly add new titles: literature - arts - geography - cuisine/nutrition - history - family - novels and poetry - theatre - autobiographies and biographies - essays - politics - psychology - children’s books - religion - science...

Community internet access

Le Centre offers free Internet access to the community. A computer is available as well as wireless access. Feel free to use this service! Please note that due to COVID-19, unfortunately, the computer isn't available. Thank you.


By becoming a member of Le Centre, regardless of your membership category, you can borrow up to 12 items (books or DVDs) at a time for free. The Bronze membership is sufficient to have access to book and DVD borrowing services.


Bronze Category $5/year

Silver Category $15/year

Gold Category $30/year

Platinum Category $100/year

Borrowing Terms:

● Books: 21 days (renewable twice)
● DVDs: 14 days (non-renewable)


Late fees will be charged if you do not return what you borrow on the due date.

Late fees: $0.25/day per book; $1/day for each DVD; $20 fee for any lost or damaged items.

Repeated late returns will result in the cancellation of borrowing privileges.

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