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Twice a month, Le Centre invites children one-year-old and up to come in to explore the imaginary world of stories. The children are encouraged to give free rein to their imaginations, thanks to the many illustrated books in the library.

A free activity, Le Centre's children library.

Hosted by Lucile Denys.


Lucile Denys was born in France. In 2003, she immigrated to Canada to study costume and stage design in Montreal. She then completed university training as a special education teacher for children with difficulties in reading and writing. She has only been in Vancouver for a short time and she is very happy to be able to participate actively in the francophone community through the activities offered by the Centre Culturel francophone de Vancouver. 









Children's book and DVDs

These story telling sessions are organized in two parts: the first half is a 30-minute reading for younger children (under the age of 5), followed by a second half hour aimed at older children (up to the age of 10). Whatever their age, all the children are invited to stay for the whole session, to watch and listen. And each session is adapted to the enjoyment of the children in attendance, according to their ages.

Visit our film collection to check out our list of DVDs for children, as well as the library section for more details on our collection of books in French. DVD rentals for children are free of charge.

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