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Twice a month, Le Centre invites children one-year-old and up to come in to explore the imaginary world of stories. The children are encouraged to give free rein to their imaginations, thanks to the many illustrated books in the library.

A free activity



Hosted by Lucie Perrin - French as a Second Language Teacher

From Lyon, France, Lucie Perrin has always been passionate about languages. She studied English at university in France and moved to Vancouver in 2009. After many years of working in child care and with a master’s in “Teaching French as a Second language”, she started teaching French to kids 3 years old and up. In 2013, Le Centre asked her to host their bi-monthly “Storytelling” where children and parents are welcomed to come and listen to stories, sing songs along and have fun in French.



Children's book and DVDs

Visit our film collection to check out our list of DVDs for children, as well as the library section for more details on our collection of books in French.

DVD rentals for children are free of charge.

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