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Our Philosophers’ Café provides participants with a forum for an exchange of ideas and thoughtful discussions on a defined theme. This monthly get-together aims at demystifying philosophy and reawakening participants’ knowledge, all in French. Critical thinking and tolerance are all tools used during the spontaneous debates, which will further support your ideas and contributions.

The approach is suitable for all levels of French and helps to develop public speaking as well as listening skills. 

A free activity hosted by Laurent Fadanni.



Graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Liege in Belgium, Laurent Fadanni taught in many countries before settling in British Columbia, where he worked as a French teacher. A poet, with a passion for culture and ancient literature, he has published many books in Europe and Canada. Besides his literary activity, he runs a vineyard in the Fraser Valley.

**Are you a fan of the host? Don't hesitate to follow him on his new philosophical podcast (in English):





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