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Two amazing artists, Klô Pelgag and Coeur de Pirate, will  present eclectic performances on Saturday, June 18th for Vancouver's Francophone Summer Festival. 


Le Festival francophone de Vancouver will welcome two of the most talented artists on stage! 

On Saturday, June 18th, back at the Unis TV outdoor stage in front of the Maison de la francophonie on West 7th Avenue in Vancouver will be the highlight of the 33rd edition of the Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver. Two amazing artists will take over the Unis Tv stage to present eclectic performances where the audience will discover some of the best French-language music produced in Canada today. Klô Pelgag and Coeur de Pirate will perform several songs for our greater pleasure!


Ticket rates –Unis Tv Outdoor stage - 1551 W7th avenue - 19h *



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The event will take place rain or shine.


7 P.M : Klô Pelgag

9 P.M : Coeur de Pirate


Award recipient “Singer-Songwriter-Composer of the Year”
“Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” (“Our Lady of Seven Sorrows”), Gala ADISQ (2021)

Award recipient “Online Show of the Year – Francophone”
Gala ADISQ (2021)

Award recipient “Album of the Year – Alternative”
“Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” (“Our Lady of Seven Sorrows”), Gala ADISQ (2021)

Award recipient “Album of the Year – Critics’ Choice”
“Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” (“Our Lady of Seven Sorrows”), Gala ADISQ (2021)

Award recipient “International Collaboration of the Year”
Song “Sorcières” (“Witches”) with Pomme, Gala ADISQ (2021)


Since her first stage appearance in 2009, Klô Pelgag has made her somewhat cryptic but refreshing mark on the francophone musical landscape as one of the most compelling and singular voices of her generation. Laden with a universe of songs ranging from the baroque to the absurd, this singer-songwriter-composer charms and destabilizes her listeners with finely crafted music that shines a spotlight on the creator’s instinctive desire to confront her own ends. After releasing an independent EP (2012), she brought out her first album “L’Alchimie des monstres” (The Alchemy of Monsters) in 2013 and won numerous awards, in particular “Revelation of the Year” at the Gala ADISQ (2014), the “Grand Prix Francophonie de l’Académie Charles Cros” (2014), the “Prix Barbara” of the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication (2015) and the “Revelation Award” at the SOCAN Gala (2015). She has criss-crossed all four corners of the francophone world to present the songs on this album on stage in more than 200 performances in Quebec, Belgium, France and Switzerland. In 2016, her second album “l’Étoile Thoracique” (Thoracic star) produced a tidal wave in Quebec, crowning Klô Pelgag with four Félix awards at the 2017 Gala ADISQ: “Album of the Year – Alternative”, “Album of the Year – Critic’s Choice”, “Singer-Songwriter-Composer of the Year”, “Recording Producer of the Year”. The same year, this album also made the long list of the Polaris Music Awards and was nominated in the category “Francophone Album of the Year” at the Juno Awards in 2018. In 2017, Klô Pelgag also received the prestigious Félix-Leclerc Song Award, the Rapsat-Lelièvre Award, the SOCAN Song award for the composition “Les Ferrofluides fleurs” (Ferrofluid Flowers), and gave her first performance in Japan. In 2018, the ADISQ Gala crowned her “Female Performer of the Year”.

Two years later, Klô Pelgag was back with a new salutary album: “Notre-Dame-des-Sept-Douleurs” (Our Lady of Seven Sorrows). This third and most recent album recounts an intrinsic progression, sometimes suffocating but powerfully emancipating and liberating. These songs belong to a disentangled universe and probably constitute the most limpid and personal work that the artist has presented so far. The album and the show won the admiration of fans and critics alike, with an unprecedented 13 prizes at the Quebec Music Industry Awards in 2021.

L’essence éthérée de la poésie et de la musicalité de Klô Pelgag est transcendée sur scène grâce notamment à ses musicien.nes acolytes : Étienne Dupré (basse), François Zaïdan (claviers, basse, guitare), Pete Pételle (batterie) et Virginie Reid (claviers). Le noyau parvient à transmuter le réel et dépose chez le spectateur une vague d’émerveillement indélébile. 



Coeur de Pirate (QC)

“Singer-Songwriter-Composer of the Year” Award
Gala SOCAN (2019)

Félix Award for “Female Vocalist of the Year”
Gala ADISQ (2019)

Félix Award for “Album of the Year - Pop ”
Gala ADISQ (2019)

2016: Nomination: “Singer-Songwriter-Composer of the Year”
Juno Canada’s Music Awards (2019)

Nomination: “Francophone Album of the Year”
Juno Canada’s Music Awards (2019)

She has been performing for more than a decade all around the world, and at every concert, Coeur de pirate still demonstrates the cohesive energy of her vibrant stage presence, delivering her thoughts and emotions in the melancholy manner that has become her trademark. In this new show, the singer-songwriter-composer from Montreal, surrounded by her musicians, Renaud Bastien (guitar), Alexandre Gauthier (bass), Ariane Vaillancourt (keyboard, vocalist) and Vincent Carré (drums), brings her delighted fans the songs on her most recent album as well as highlights of the past years.

She started out in 2008 as a prodigious solo performer accompanying herself on piano, before a Montreal audience that seemed to have been waiting just for her. Only nineteen years old, Cœur de pirate put out her first album under her own name, a phenomenal success that quickly earned platinum status in Canada and diamond status in France. In 2011, it was followed by a second triumph, “Blonde”, which revealed a more complex and prismatic sound. The singer-songwriter-composer migrated toward a bilingual approach in 2015, with “Roses”, which sold over 200,000 copies worldwide. The “Roses” tour played to sold-out venues in more than 150 concerts in 10 countries, where she headlined numerous major festivals (FrancoFolies de la Rochelle, Festival d’été de Québec, Osheaga, etc.) This epic generated a creative fever that resulted in her fourth album, “En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé” (“This garden will close in stormy weather”), conceived in no more than a few months, released just in time to celebrate the first decade of her career. Created entirely in France alongside her producer Tristan Salvati, this album is studded with references to the opulent repertoire of French “chanson” of Dalida, Michel Berger and other great figures of the 1970s.

In the fall of 2021, Cœur de pirate released “On s’aimera toujours” (“We will always love each other”), the first cut of her most recent album “Impossible à aimer” (“Impossible to love”), an ode to eternal love to the tune of disco pop. In live performance she recreated the experience of her videoclip production, with dance routines and flamboyant costumes. This song opened the door to a catchy retro album, in which certain celebrities from the music scene collaborated to add their personal touch, including Alexandra Stréliski on piano with “Tu ne seras jamais là” (“You will never be there”), Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau on harp for “Le Monopole de la douleur” (“The Monopoly of Pain”) and the strains of violin and cello by Marjorie Bourque and Vincent Bergeron that introduce “On s’aimera toujours” (“We will always love each other”). “Impossible à aimer” was produced by her long-standing acolyte, Renaud Bastien. 

The event will take place rain or shine.

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