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Festival d'été francophone de Vancouver opening night presented by Air Canada. Don't miss out on Missy D and Fouki performances! 




Ticket rates – STUDIO 16 - 1551 W7th avenue - 20h *



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Single ticket: $ 20

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Single ticket: $ 25

Single ticket: $ 30

* Children aged 5 years and under do not need a ticket to access this show


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If you don't know this emerging artist, well get to know and remember this name - Missy D. This femcee has been rapping since she was 11 years old in French and English coming from the 3 corners of the motherland (Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe). Missy D calls it Rap & Soul. You might also catch her on stage alongside Sejal Lal with their duo Laydy Jams. Missy is a bilingual Hip Hop, Rap & Soul Artist who makes music as a form of therapy to express all the feelings, share a message and connect with listeners. It is a fusion of sounds of her childhood from french melodies to r&b, soul, jazz, hip hop, rock and rap legends. It’s all for the culture and for us. She wants to speak for them, sing for them, and empower folks with love and music. 

You will hear the sounds of MC Solaar, Diams, Erykah Badu, India Arie, J.Cole, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and Stromae echoing through her voice. Rest assured Missy D has more new music with a brand new French EP entitled Case Départ released in April 2022  with a video for the first single, Case Départ, and more coming soon. This artist will have you catching too many feelings or that je ne sais quoi singing YES MAMA as Missy D embraces diversity in instrumentals, music, and most of all people. 




Welcome to the world of FouKi, to the meeting of the murmurs of the alleyway, the sweet madness of the parks, the din of the city, the echo of the regions.FouKi (Léo Fougères) was born in Montreal on December 25, 1996 in the eastern sector of the Plateau Mont-Royal aka the Plato Hess. FouKi's musical inspiration is plural: from here and elsewhere, from Quebec and France, from the Americas and around the world, listening to sounds and words that jostle, cross and intertwine, from Quebec songs to folk and rock, from blues to jazz, from Latin music, from reggae to R&B, to trap, hip-hop and rap... and then Rap Queb! In his late teens, FouKi met his boys, first QuietMike dit le Michel Silencieux and Vendou, then Ségala, l'Amalgame and LaF. Finally, following his projects Plato Hess and Extendo, then the meeting with his agent Sam Rick and the release of Pré_Zay, FouKi signs with Disques 7ième Ciel. The first album, Zay, was released on April 13, 2018 and quickly, on July 13, 2018, the EP La Zayté was released and on May 3, 2019, his second official album: ZayZay.

In May 2020, the album Génies en Herbe is released, in duo with Koriass and supported by producers Ruffsound and QuietMike and on October 23, 2020, his EP Grignotines, with QuietMike, Pops & Poolboy and Rousseau. An unavoidable team player, he is a FouKi in all its authenticity who recognizes himself in the collective adventure. On November 20, 2020, the Grignotines EP was transformed into the album Grignotines de Luxe, with 8 new songs.
FouKi's rhythm, his words, his stage presence, are first and foremost personal creative projects, his very own universe. In praise of everyday life, often offbeat humor, love always revealed, FouKi militates to catch those little things that add up to daily life. FouKi's sound fuses genres, his dances animate bodies and his words make you dream, zayzayer. With Pré_Zay, Zay, ZayZay, and Grignotines de Luxe, FouKi invites us to the first movements of his ambitious Zayphonie rap, with a taste for Grignotines and the smell of Gayé.

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