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From September 17 to October 29th, Le Centre culturel will host the exhibition "Pigments and Pixels" presenting the works of painter Sylvie Soucis and photographer Michel Legault, a couple who share their passion for art.

From September 17 to October 29th, Le Centre culturel will host the exhibition "Pigments and Pixels" presenting the works of painter Sylvie Soucis and photographer Michel Legault, a couple who share their passion for art.

Pigments and Pixels (or the artistic communion of a couple from sea to sea)HE has always loved photography. SHE has been a painter since the age of ten. HE loves music. SHE was a volunteer producer of music programs for radio in Quebec for 25 years. THEY met in Vancouver in 2012. And life tells the rest of the story… Although she returned to Montreal in 2013 for her work in the school system, Sylvie continued to spend several months every year in Vancouver in Michel’s little apartment. He had grown up in the bilingual city of Montreal and had been living here in Vancouver for 25 years. One thing led to another and their relationship as a couple, enriched by several shared passions such as nature, cycling and wine, continued to grow and blossomed into "PIGMENTS and PIXELS", a testimony to their love of two art forms: photography and painting.

For the past eight years, several thousand kilometres and phone calls later, each in their own way, they nurtured a joyous and unexpected trajectory of artistic exploration. Their quest for beauty and emotion resonates in the works they have produced. Some seem to speak to each other in tandem and others are unique, but they all constantly strive to speak to the human spirit. For the sake of authenticity, Michel’s photos, taken with his Nikon D3, are never retouched. Sylvie’s artistic process, ceaselessly renewed, brushes and spatulas in hand, playing with acrylics, dry pastels, mediums on paper, canvas or wood, oscillate between abstract and semi-figurative images as the spirit moves her. On the road in British  Columbia, the Gulf Islands, Quebec, Paris and the Loire Valley, their creative quest for light, transparency, harmony of textures and colours is inspired by real and imagined landscapes, the nuances of water, the sky, trees and mountains. Omnipresent is a recurring and sustaining theme is the natural beauty of the West Coast that even permeates their travels. So it is with great pleasure and gratitude that they share this exhibition with you in the heart of your francophone cultural space, where they have been given such a generous welcome.  Enjoy your visit!

Sylvie SoucisAlthough she was born in Montréal, Sylvie Soucis is a traveller at heart. Her first career as a speech therapist in the public school system gave her the privilege of living in different places, often near the water, from the Magdalen Islands to Vancouver’s English Bay where she spent three years, and 25 years in Quebec City on the banks of the river, in Charlevoix and on the north coast. She loves the light of the Mediterranean as much as the ocean mists of Salt Spring Island and sees herself as something of a water nomad, looking for natural compositions where water and the sky, whether real or imagined, are part of her daily existence. Her eight-year relationship with her partner Michel, sustained between Montreal and Vancouver, has added to the mix the inspiration of the omnipresent forests and mountains of the West Coast and a new way of seeing things, thanks to her partner’s passion for photography. Since 2011, she has been drawn into the adventure of the visual arts. She has taken courses and trained with various painters in Quebec and has been a dedicated participant in the creative exploration of Vancouver’s East Side Art Crawl every November. In the summer of 2013, she had showings of her work in Gibsons and Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast. After two collective exhibitions at the ARTiste gallery in Montreal in December 2018 and March 2019 and one for Artistes de cœur in November 2019,  she continues to explore textures and sensations, for the joy of creating abstract or semi-figurative visual environments that move people with visual and emotional pleasure. The voyage is both complex and liberating… bringing joy and a sense of discovery. After 25 years as a volunteer producer of radio programs featuring jazz, francophone and world music in Quebec, through the creation of these auditory montages, she is always seeking the same kind of fluidity, a unifying principle, in the colours, dimensions and transparency of PIGMENTS, which she now shares in special communion with Michel’s photography and his PIXELS, to present works of art that touch the human spirit.

Michel LegaultMichel Legault was born in Montreal in 1957 and although he has lived in many different provinces and has spent over 25 years in British Columbia, he is still a “Québecois” at heart. A multi-talented bilingual autodidact, he has learned many skills and trades. Much of the time, he has worked close to nature, as an underwater photographer in Florida, a landscaper in Toronto and a tree planter in northern Alberta. He studied photography at Dawson College and in 1991, he began a two-year job as a photographer for Mountain Sharp Shooters on the ski slopes and in the mountain wilderness of Whistler. At present he works at reception at CBC-Radio Canada. In all his diverse work experiences, he has never lost his artistic sensibility and his keen appreciation of music and photography. In his quest for authentic compositions without any artifice, he has worked with various types of reflex cameras, Canon, Mamiya, Nikon. In 2015, he acquired the mythic Nikon D-3 that has accompanied him on road trips in British Columba, from Tofino to the Gulf Islands to the Okanagan vineyards. And of course, the constant backdrop has been Vancouver, the city he never abandoned. In 2011, he met his partner Sylvie, a painter living in Vancouver at the time, and for more than 8 years now, they have sustained their long-distance relationship between Montreal and Vancouver. In 2019, they travelled together to Paris and the Loire valley, in pursuit of authentic images in praise of the beauty of places, people and nature, in black and white or in colour. This exhibition, PIGMENTS and PIXELS, is a testimonial in beautiful simplicity to their shared passion for art in all its forms.

The opening will be held on Thursday, September 17th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. with the artists in attendance at Le Centre culturel francophone de Vancouver. Drinks and packed food will be served. Free event, registration is required. Thank you.