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ONLINE. On Mondays, once a month, the Philosophers' café invites you to reflect and exchange on a specific theme.

Our online Philosophers’ Café provides participants with a forum for an exchange of ideas and thoughtful discussions on a defined theme.

This monthly get together aims at demystifying philosophy and reawakening participants’ knowledge, all in French. Critical thinking, tolerance, and an open mind are all tools used during the spontaneous debates, which will further support your ideas and contributions. The approach is suitable for all levels of French and helps to develop public speaking as well as listening skills.

COVID-19: Further to the government’s announcement, the activity will be held online with Zoom.


Topic of the month: Sexual identity, non-binary gender and gender fluidity: gender in all its manifestations!  A critical analysis in the company of philosopher Jean-François Braunstein. 

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 695 3369 3559

Password: 492821