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Christmas is sacred at Le Centre! Knowing that many of us weren't able to join their families for the holiday season in 2020, we called the best team to spread the magic of Christmas in August! Hiver-Nation is a collective of artists - a joint initiative of the Alberta Centre for Musical Development and ICI Radio-Canada Alberta - that will perform 11 original new works incrusted in the white magic of winter. Then, Justin Lacroix and Kristine St-Pierre will present "Noël en toi" (Christmas with you), beautiful songs full of emotions to remind us that our families are in our hearts. Étienne Fletcher and Ghislaine Doté will also perform a few Christmas songs.



So that everyone in the francophone community can enjoy our festival d'été, the concerts on August 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29 (evening) will be video-recorded and broadcast live on the online ticket website "". Once you have purchased tickets on the website, you will receive a streaming link by email. This link is unique and cannot be shared.  

COVID-19: the mask is mandatory. Please note that to be compliant with the health orders included in Phase III of the ReStart BC plan announced this spring in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be limited to a capacity of 50% of our venue for in-house audience. Therefore, there will be a maximum of 50 tickets sold for each evening of the Festival.

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A joint initiative of the Alberta Centre for Musical Development and ICI Radio-Canada Alberta, the 2021 Envol Prize awarded by the Regroupement artistique francophone de l’Alberta at its Arts Forum in June, Hiver Nation is intended as the crystallization, in a recording and live performance, of the artistic concepts of the winter season of 15 contemporary Alberta singer-songwriter-composers. A collection of 11 original new works incrusted in the white magic of winter, its magnificent mornings and its dark nights, its extensive celebrations and also its grand solitudes. To perform them at the 2021 Vancouver Festival d’été francophone, we will reunite the Franco-Albertan artists Post-Script (Paul Cournoyer and Steph Blais), 2Moods (Dan Dennis Ndala), Érik Ringuette, Christian de la Luna, Pierre Sabourin, Marie-Josée Ouimet, Renelle Roy, Josée Thibault (who signs the artistic direction), as well as Éric Doucet and Raphaël Freynet (who also cover music direction). As a complement to the program, other guests from other Western Canadian provinces as well, including Fran-Saskatchewan Étienne Fletcher and British Columbian Ghislaine Doté.

The artists performing on stage:

The Post-Script duo combines an old-fashioned sensibility with modern-day subtleties in a musical tapestry that reflects the artists’ individual and combined strengths. The palpable emotional quality of Steph Blais’ angelic voice, in perfect harmony with Paul Cournoyer’s shimmering baritone, together create an enchanting overlay of contemporary sonorous atmospheres to their Franco-Albertan roots. Their musical synchronicity, at once charming, attractive, and authentic, is almost palpable. In live performance or in the studio, Blais and Cournoyer create an intense atmosphere, revealing their unbridled magnetism. Post-Script has carved out a special place for themselves in the Canadian musical landscape, at the intersection of the ethereal alchemy of Broken Social Scene and the disquieting nostalgia of Emmylou Harris. The strength of the duo is its subtlety, an overlapping of the familiar, and the charm of their bilingual content. With the added attraction of the nostalgia that these two musicians evoke, they have become regulars at festivals, music showcases, and on international stages.

His real name is Dan Dennis Ndala. His pseudonym on stage is 2Moods, to promote the concept of the duality of elements in our existence. Off stage, 2Moods is a psychology student at the University of Alberta. Originally from Congo-Kinshasa, now resident in Edmonton, the artist has been active on the Canadian music scene since 2015. His love of music and his admiration for the French language are what motivated him to pursue a career in music. Winner of the best song award at Polyfonik in 2016, which he took part in once again in 2020 with the songs from his album Nothing to lose, released in 2018, 2Moods has been working hard over recent years, cumulating his stage performances with finetuning his professional profile. He is announcing the 2021 release of a new “two-sided” album, the first being a collection of solo pieces, and the second, a selection of titles that have emerged from various collaborations he has had with both francophone and anglophone artists.

Even though he is relatively new to the profession, Erik Ringuette has already received several awards for his songwriting. A finalist at Polyfonik in 2017, and again in 2019, he won the Audience prize and the Best Song award. He also took part in the Alberta La Chicane, an annual competition at the Centre for Musical Development, where he also won the prize for Best Song.

A native of Colombia, Cristian De la Luna grew up in the urban hustle and bustle of Cumbia, Porro, and San Juaneron, where he was a member of the traditional ensemble A Papayera. Shortly after his arrival in Canada, he began writing songs partly out of nostalgia, but also to express his enthusiasm as a new Canadian. The disturbing story of his family's exile from Colombia (where his father was a journalist and therefore persona non grata) forged his musical identity and left a thematic imprint on his songs. Whether in French, English, or Spanish, De La Luna brings us music that we can immediately identify, a sound imbued with warmth and light, dreams and hope.

Many people consider Pierre Sabourin to be one of the top names in the world of Franco-Albertan song. His first album, "Lumière du Jour", was a solid production with a pop-rock sound with subtle allusions to grunge. Released in 2000, the album still stands as an important reference 20 years later. In 2006, a little more than 10 years after he won the Gala Albertain and the Gala Interprovincial (prior to Chant'Ouest) and following the release of a six-track mini-album, Pierre Sabourin took a significant step back from the profession, exhausted after several years trying his luck on the national scene. He made occasional reappearances; in particular in 2009, when he signed the soundtrack of an NFB production, and again in 2019, when he was one of the artists invited to the celebrations of the 30th Gala Albertain de la Chanson (now Polyfonik). The audience's response was instantaneous and convinced him to resume his stage career. In 2020, he launched a 20th-anniversary edition of Lumière du Jour, and earlier this year, he followed up with a new composition, "Gabrielle". Sabourin's melodies can be dramatic and elaborate, playful and direct, often unforgettable. They have made him one of the most beloved artists of adolescents in Alberta.

A Franco-Albertan by birth, Marie-Josée Ouimet is a singer-songwriter-composer with a passion for choral singing. With a Master's degree in choral conducting, she is currently completing a PhD in addition to conducting the choirs "Les Chantamis" and "Mélodie d'Amour" and the youth vocal ensemble "Clé", and acting as vocal coach for many musical organizations in the Franco-Albertan community, including the Galalas, the Chicane Albertaine, and Polyfonik. In 1997, Marie-Josée won the honours at the Gala Albertaine and was the audience’s choice at Chant'Ouest in Vancouver the same year. As a solo singer, she has performed in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and the Yukon. In 2010, she received the CHFA Award for Chanson Alberta. She has signed three albums, "Mon clair de lune" (2000), "Parce que..." (2003), and "L'heure bleue" (2010), the latter two of which were nominated at the Western Canadian Music Awards in the category of Best Francophone Album. She also took part in the compilations Trait d’Union (2003) and Robert Soul (2008).

Renelle has always been a singer. Coming from a musical family, she made her unique voice heard ever since she was a child, often in choirs. As a teenager, she developed an interest in diverse musical styles, from rock to pop as well as hip-hop. Recently, she has honed her professional performance skills through major springboards such as the Gala Albertain de la chanson, Chant'Ouest, and Polyfonik, that have helped her launch her solo career as a young singer-songwriter, presenting her original works, with vocal and theatrical performances that speak authentically of her life as a woman, to a new audience that identifies with her musical universe. Renelle also likes to combine her voice and creativity with those of other musicians, such as 2Moods, Robert Walsh and Marie-Josée Ouimet.

Josée Thibeault is one of Alberta's most innovative contemporary artists. She is also methodical, which allows her to adapt to any situation and create new opportunities for herself and the artistic community. Screenwriter, actress, author, and comedian, Josée has shared her talent on stage and also on radio and television. Over the years, she has developed characters that are often an extension of herself. Her most recent creation, "La Fille du Facteur", is a multidisciplinary treasure that goes straight to the heart as she recounts an end of life accompanied by a retrospective look on happier years. Although Josée is not a musician, she understands the importance of the essential medium of music. Hence, the invention of Polyfonik, which combines music with all the disciplines that its participants have to offer. Her preferred artistic medium is still the spoken word, where her sense of rhythm and her talent as a storyteller are at their most powerful. Above all, these are the talents that permeate the Hiver Nation project.

Eric Doucet is a professional musician based in Edmonton. Following his passion, in 2016, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Jazz and Contemporary Pop Music from MacEwan University, with a major in Piano/Keyboard Performance. Eric is co-leader and founder of the experimental band High Tides, and keyboardist of the funk-soul band Carter & the Capitals and jazz metal band Red Litmus. Eric has performed across Canada, the United States, and France, sharing the stage with several renowned artists including Simple Plan, Chantal Kreviazuk, Damien Robitaille, and Safia Nolin. Eric is the song/music sector representative on the board of directors of the Regroupement artistique francophone de l'Alberta. He is also a seasoned educator, a "semi-competent singer", by his own admission, as well as a saxophonist, percussionist, bassist, and sound engineer.

Raphaël Freynet is a multi-instrumentalist and a nationally recognized director and performing artist who has toured across Canada and Europe. He collaborates with a wide range of artists of different styles while developing his own style, powerful pop-rock tinged with brass. His album "Le Monde à voir", released in 2011, was voted Best Francophone Album at the Western Canadian Music Awards. Raphaël has directed and accompanied several artists in many events and projects


Born in France, Ghislaine Doté grew up in Ivory Coast before settling in Montreal, where she made her debut as a dancer and choreographer. Finalist of the first edition of "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" in 2018, she joined the cult musical "Starmania", 25th-anniversary edition, the same year, rubbing shoulders on stage with the great Quebec performers Marc Hervieux and Marie-Josée Lord. She is therefore fascinated by singing.  After settling in Vancouver a few years later, she became the singer of the group Stranger Brew, which soon gained attention on the local scene, including winning top honours and the Press Award for Best Presence On Stage at Pacifique en chanson 2019. Multidisciplinary artist in love with theatricality, to her extensive career in dance and choreography, within the renowned companies Van Grimde Corps Secret, Flak and Sinha Danse among others, Ghislaine Doté has added education in music-hall in London and, more recently, classical vocal studies at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School. She likes to use the dramatic colours of her voice to bring the spectators elsewhere, to touch and inspire them.



Noël avec toi (Christmas with you). In these tomorrows of solitude, the words themselves — the ones that are the title of the show and the eponymous album — trigger emotion. This speaks to how lively it promises to be, when the voices and the big hearts of Kristine St-Pierre and Justin Lacroix will raise to celebrate “all together and at the same time” this “August Christmas”. The name of this young Winnipegger, prize winner at the 2007 Chant'Ouest, has been heard in French and in English from coast to coast, and even overseas, in Europe, listed in the programs of the 2017 Gala Trille Or and the 2016 Western Canadian Music Awards, and also in Saint-Bonifest, which he founded this summer, in the Festival du Voyageur, the Coup de cœur francophone, the Red Rock Folk Festival, the Festival OFF Avignon and the Canada Games, among others. And the name of the Ottawa artist, fully invested in women’s rights, has also resonated in French and in English across Canada, and internationally as well, all the way to Kenya, Nigeria, Congo, the Ukraine, in addition to being nominated for the 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award and the Ontario Country Music Association Gala the same year. On stage, the two musicians are complicit in bringing to life their much-praised country-folk recordings tinged with sweet magic and nostalgia for holiday celebrations; an album “for a Sunday afternoon when time stands still, […] and that caresses us while we catch our breath”, says Marc Lalonde, host of Can-Rock, Canada’s francophone musical highway when the album was released.

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