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EXHIBITION : "Plenty" by Clara De Saint-Giniez

Opening Event : 
September 15th, 2022 
From 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.
Free admission



From September 15 to Ocotber 29, 2022, Le Centre will host Clara de Saint-Giniez's exhibition, "Plenty" 

"Plenty" is an exhibition of paintings by Clara de Saint-Giniez, with oil paint, fluid acrylic, and pouring technique. High in color and movement, this event not to be missed is a kiss from the heart, and a pleasure for the eyes. The exhibition is divided into two series: “Lunar” and “The Four Winds”. "Lunar" is a series whose works are imprinted with all techniques and processes combined, as for "The Four Winds", focuses above all on the favorite technique of the artist: pouring. The young painter will reveal her conception of the abstract, drawing inspiration from nature and the four elements of the universe.

"Plenty" invites you to take a sensory and contemplative introspective journey: a delicate way to introduce you to Clara's world... And to rediscover what we all have somewhere buried in us: plenitude

 For more information about Clara and her projects: Instagram

About Clara de Saint-Giniez

On February 20th, 1995, in Saint-Flour, France, Clara De Saint-Giniez was born. An only child in the middle of the countryside, she grew up surrounded by strong female figures. Among them her grandmother, a watercolourist and painter with various techniques, who left a deep impression on her.  Yet, she didn't dare to reveal her art to others. She would play the piano in her corner and hide her drawings.

On an introspective quest, Clara made a life-changing decision in 2016: moving to British Columbia. A new source of inspiration for the young artist, she discovers the beauty of this foreign nature and is ecstatic in front of the immensity of the land. She calms down in front of the ocean and connects with the flowers. It was during the year 2019 that Clara hatched and took hold of her brushes, to give herself to her heart's content between oil painting and fluid acrylic. The young artist imposes herself and experiments. Between harmonies and colors, what you will see in her works is what is in her heart.



Opening Event on September 15th from 6 P.M to 8 P.M 
At Le Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver
1551 W 7th av, Vancouver, V6J 1S1

Meet and greet with Clara de Saint-Giniez, the artist behind the exhibition. Drinks and appetizers will be offered.



In consideration of the public health measures in the province to fight the spread of COVID-19, and in order to ensure the safety of participants during the event, the Centre requires that the following protocols be followed:

  • Wearing a mask is recommended when participants are not eating or drinking