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Ponteix presents its virtual tour! Discover the album "Bastion", with its dreamy melodies and pop songs, nominated in no fewer than 10 categories at the 2021 Gala Trille Or! For the second half of the show, we are transported to the Far West with the show  "La légende de Calamity Jane", with sisters Annette and Michelle Campagne who will sing songs about this mythic character from the days of the Wild West.

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To comply with the B.C. government’s health and safety regulations, the show will be only live-streamed, so that everyone in the francophone community can enjoy it. The show will be video-recorded and broadcast live on the online ticket website "". Once you have purchased tickets on the website, you will receive a streaming link by email. This link is unique and cannot be shared.  


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Singer and/or songwriter of the year | Solo artist of the year | Album of the year | Solo artist or group - rock alternative

Ponteix is a small French community nestled in the expansive Canadian prairies. Saskatchewan-born Fransaskois multi-instrumentalist Mario Lepage adopted the name of the town as his own artistic pseudonym because he sees it as a symbol of resilience and authenticity, a leitmotif that subtly runs through the body of his work. Prior to the Ponteix project, Lepage was releasing music under his own name, performing primarily as a solo musician, while assembling a unique palette of songs and ideas that foreshadowed his later work. These musical elements would eventually be shaped by collaborators Adam Logan, Kyle Grimsrud-Manz and Danny Hanson, who worked on Lepage’s song arrangements and guided Ponteix’s sound from a state of flux to a solid identity. Alongside producer Francis Collard, Ponteix released those collective and cumulative efforts as a four-song psych-rock EP titled, “J’Orage” early in 2016.

Several Canadian tours and music festivals followed the release of “J’Orage”, garnering considerable press and industry acclaim along the way. 2017 was a particularly exciting year for Ponteix, with their third pan-Canadian tour and a plethora of awards and nominations, including the prize for Francophone artist of the year at the 2017 Western Canadian Music Awards, seven nominations at the Trille Or Gala, and three prizes, including “Best EP”, “Discovery (artist or group) of the Year” and “Best Visual Design”. Ponteix also stood out at the event “Vue sur la Relève”, with an exceptional collection of ten “Coup de Pouce” awards. 2018 was a year primarily dedicated to the creation and recording of a first album, “Bastion”, an allusion to the isolation and the resilience of small francophone communities in Western Canada. Work on the new album began with Mario Lepage still at the creative helm and Logan and Grimsrud-Manz working with him on new songs.

To achieve this ambitious project, Ponteix teamed up with new collaborators, including Frédéric Levac (co-producer, in charge of sound recording and audio mix). Work began in La Piaule, an old stable converted into a studio near St. Bernardin, Ontario. Throughout the production, Mario Lepage was able to count on invaluable support from Louis-Jean Cormier (of Karkwa) and Fransaskois folk singer, Anique Granger as co-writer and mentor. This is how the album Bastion took shape. Bastion boasts a maximalist approach to production, cementing a wall of saturated electronic cadences that break for percussive rhythms enveloped in the textures of the airy synthesizer and luminous guitar. Le page’s dreamy and hypnotic melodies hover over the rock indie strains with colorations of psychedelic-pop. In the song “Alamo”, Lepage deftly approaches the sensitive theme of linguistic duality faced with cultural assimilation, but also self-confidence in the face of solitude. In “La Fourche”, the question is about the many different paths one can choose to take and the difficulty of accepting the saying: “What will be, will be.” With this impressive collaborative body of work, Ponteix has developed over the various songs into a myriad of styles ranging from evanescent experimentation to pieces with solid pop structures. The album “Bastion”, released in 2019, marked a formidable chapter for Ponteix. It deservedly won the award for “best video clip of the year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards and also at the Saskatchewan Music Awards. Since then, the Ponteix project has set out on the conquest of Europe, with three tours including dates at festivals including Reeperbahn in Germany, BIS in Nantes, France, and the Québécofolies in Belgium. Now Ponteix is preparing for the group’s future exploits and is itching to get back on the road.

This show is funded by Musicaction and the support of Réseau des grands espaces.



The Canadian music trio known as “La légende de Calamity Jane” is unveiling its very first  eponymous EP. It presents six short vignettes that take us from the fields of Saskatchewan, home to sisters Annette and Michelle Campagne, and the Gaspé peninsula of guitarist André Lavergne, in a début album inspired by music that could be summed up as bandit-style country and outlaw alternative western. “The group "La légende de Calamity Jane" started with a desire to celebrate our cowboy heritage in an authentic way. Growing up in Western Canada, immersed in prairies folklore, Michelle and I developed a passion for the Wild West, an era that evokes perilous travel in covered wagons, tough men, whiskey, and dust,” explains Annette Campagne. The family duo expanded with the addition of guitarist and emeritus producer André Lavergne: a one-of-a-kind straight shooter.

Calamity Jane, that mythical figure of the Wild West, was a fearless adventurer who loved men, alcohol, and the smell of gunpowder. The music of "La légende de Calamity Jane" conjures up all the dust, fervour and survival instincts of the glorious days of whisky and saloons as the band members tip their hats to this infamous modern woman. Halfway between gangster country and outlaw alternative western, "La légende de Calamity Jane" relies on rusty guitars and quick draw vocal harmonies. For more than thirty years, Saskatchewan-born sisters Michelle and Annette Campagne have shared a musical bond and deployed a unique vocal harmony style with groups "Folle Avoine" and "Hart Rouge", as well as in their respective solo careers. The pair now expands their musical family with the addition of guitarist and music producer André Lavergne: an outstanding musical sharpshooter. 

"La légende de Calamity Jane" was born of a desire to celebrate the authentic cowboy roots of the Campagne sisters. Raised on the Canadian prairies some forty kilometers from the wild expanses of Montana, Michelle and Annette share stories and legends of the Wild West. The resilient spirit of the gold rush era is felt throughout their music where songs of heartache and triumph, outlaws, renegades, bounty hunters, and lawmen share the stage. Their music features a decidedly unique french perspective, for the sisters are proud ambassadors of Saskatchewan’s Fransaskois community.

Michelle and Annette Campagne have accumulated several radio hits (the single "Inconditionnel" received the coveted Classique de la SOCAN Award with over 25,000 spins) and have toured in Canada, Europe, and the United States. Over the course of her solo career, Annette Campagne has garnered numerous awards including "Francophone Album of the year" at the WCMA's, as well as the André Mercure award for her work in the promotion of Francophone culture and language in Western Canada. Continuing to perform with the group "Hart Rouge", Michelle Campagne has released five albums; two with the US Red House Records label. She has lent her vocal talents to more than four hundred studio recordings. Singer-songwriter and musician André Lavergne performs mainly with the Gaspésie-based duo "Dans l’Shed", and has collaborated with many prominent artists including Véronic Dicaire, Patrice Michaud, Martin Levac, and Catherine Durand. In 2019, he built his own recording studio where he hones his skills as a sound engineer and producer.

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